• Olivella Body Oils


    • 8.45 FL OZ
    • Spray Bottle

    Olivella has launched a new line of Body Oils, combining all natural essential oils with ultra-purified virgin olive oil, in one bottle. Refreshing, Relaxing, Classic and Anti-Stretch, these 4 body oils are recommended for massages, baths, or as an extra moisture boost for dry heals, elbows and feet. The product’s formula ensures excellent absorption of the active ingredients which tone and nourish your skin from head to toe.

    Anti-Stretch Mark is filled with sweet almond essential oil and is formulated for the very delicate skin of moms during pregnancy. Classic contains Red Thyme and Tea Tree oils which when combined are a powerhouse for everything from supporting the immune system to helping with skin issues. Refreshing, has the power of fresh Mint which has the effect of uplifting moods and refreshing the skin, it's great for the mind and body. Relaxing is based in Ylang Ylang, a powerful yellow flower commonly known to promote peace and balance.